Private Lessons by Skype: Professional English (ESL) & Japanese

19 Jun

As always, I am offering private and group lessons in Intermediate and Advanced English Fluency (ESL – English as a Second Language), as well as in Beginning and Intermediate Japanese, including skills in reading and writing.

Just for your reference, I am a Princeton grad and language-lover with a master’s degree in Education and over 25 years of experience.  I am also bilingual in Japanese. Many years ago, I left the rarefied and exciting world of international business with its traipsing around Japan and Europe, and began to help care for my family by teaching others the “Way of the Wayfarer”, among other things.  What is the “Way of the Wayfarer”? A wayfarer is a perpetual traveler, and I have always loved to travel, to experience other cultures first-hand as a participant and not as a tourist.  Being multicultural myself, I have always stressed multilingualism in my classrooms, my workshops, and my home as a way for all of us to not only broaden our horizons, but to broaden our usefulness to each other as human beings. You know, to “be a blessing”.

Well, for the past several years I have incorporated Skype into my box of tools, including as a teacher for Livemocha (now part of Rosetta Stone), along with experimenting with WebEx and other platforms. For an even longer period of time, I have used Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard Collaborate, etc. Sometimes I am happy with them, and sometimes these systems leave things to be desired.

In any case, I take my job seriously and, at the same time, inspire fun and fun and lively conversations on a multitude of subjects.  We will emphasize listening and spoken fluency, as well as idiomatic language and vocabulary.  Space is limited, as I still have my loyal students to care for.  It would be my pleasure to add a few more, however.  And they are affordable: Only $15 per 45-minute group lesson, and $20 per private 30-minute session with Premium Skype screen-sharing and instant messaging.  For more information, please feel welcome to contact me or leave a comment below and I will contact you shortly.  Looking forward to it!


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