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“Pain in the English” – I LIKE this site! (link included.)

You haven’t heard from me in a little while because the knock-out combo of moving households, first grandbaby due, and preps for a new school year both as a teacher and as a mom has proven to be almost lethal.

Well, I’m not quite back yet, but as I sit here in the hospital waiting room as my daughter progresses in her labor, having chosen to go INTO labor on the very first day of school for little siblings and my own students, I am choosing to officially settle the conundrum of whether we should pluralize “mouse” as in “computer mouse” as “mouse-s” or as “mice”. One site, “Pain in the English,” says the jury is still out on this one, meaning there is still no “official” decision from the lexicographical authorities.

I took two minutes more to explore this site (my daughter IS in labor, after all), and I have decided that I LIKE this site. If you find something to make me dislike it later, that’s fine, but for now, it’s cool and useful.


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