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What the Press Said…Google Glass at School

What the Press Said...Google Glass at School

“Helping one of my 4th Graders” – photo by Anya Semenoff: Youtube Video at ) …OK, This was a nice little article by Megan Mitchell of the Denver Post May 29th about the two-week-long Google Glass In-Class Field Trip I did with my students this past month. Details to follow in Part II of “Google Glass and the Language of Motherhood”. (The age is wrong, by the way, even though I cherish every year that I’ve earned…)

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Reading Rainbow: Worth Bringing Back

readingrainbowIt was so exhilarating to read that LeVar Burton is through Kickstarter bringing back Reading Rainbow, that fabulous PBS staple that brought so many children’s books to life years ago. LeVar has been a fixture in my media consciousness almost all of my life due to the fact that his acting choices (Roots, Star Trek & Reading Rainbow) encompassed three major determiners of my interests (The African Experience in America, thoughtful science fiction & a love of the world’s storytelling traditions). Well, I’m now officially backing him on Kickstarter, because I KNOW this is a worthy project for our children and our nation’s teachers.

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