Come Back, Sade, Come Back

[Yet another of my Sidelines posts.  Enjoy.]

Come Back, Sade, Oh, Muse, Oh, Sister, whose voice mesmerized us twenty years ago and whose voice emerged from the English countryside for a brief moment in time, just a few years ago, perhaps emerging from the moors but I wax romantic. Come Back, Sade, Oh Cousin, Oh Friend, who paralleled the heartstrings of so many women and captivated the yearnings of so many men. We need another concert from you just to get by.

After almost thirty years of allowing Sade’s music to be first the soundtrack of my young life, and then the fanfare of a new sensuality that proved to be a harbinger of twenty one years of marriage and counting, I found myself walking alongside my husband through the night air across the parking lot of Denver’s Pepsi Center towards Sade’s first concert in a decade, one we had dreamed of but never thought would happen, one we had imagined would have been transcendent among the Red Rocks at the base of the mountains, but really,we were so electrified to even be seeing Sade perform. A concert on a dusty back road would have been phenomenal. Her concert was just that. Phenomenal. Beautiful. Electric. Brilliantly and translucently colorful. She was our Sade still, her voice as mesmerizing as before the decades had passed. And like us, she was frozen in time.

It is said that Sade only comes out once a decade, but Sade, Oh Sade, don’t do this again. We are all fine living our lives traipsing between songstresses and balladeers, trying to remember amongst bills, and babies, and issues, and tragedies, that it is our generational music that keeps us and transports us to another time, but really! Sade, you make it all so much more beautiful. Come back! We need another concert from you. Just to get by.

We are waiting.

Do you have an artist who’s been gone too long, and you wish would come back while they are able?


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