For my Parents & Students whom I love…

12 Dec

When I was a child, I often saw how much love and respect my grandmother received from her former students in the supermarkets and in town, most of whom were grown with children of their own.  My grandmother taught for 30 years and conspicuously left an indelible impression on her students, so much so that at her funeral at age 95, one of her third grade students – now in his 60s or 70s – was in attendance to show his respect. I hope I am remembered as fondly, after my 25 years of teaching everything from Preschool art to university-level Japanese.

My heart has always been set on showing honest caring and high standards for my students, and love and respect for their parents, and even after I am no longer in the classroom, I want them to still have some access to those hopes and dreams.  In this digital age where we all will most likely NOT meet up at the village pharmacy anymore, I have decided to set up a website, with parenting resources, approved educational games, and a way for my students to say “Hi” and to continue to share their lives and creativity.  Here it is, “Mrs. Davenport’s Fun Pages“.  My heart is there.  Hope to see you there, too.

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