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10 Reasons Why Teachers Deserve More Money

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1. Because they teach content AND wipe your child’s noses at the same time.

2. Because they spend hours outside of the classroom designing lessons and correcting your child’s work.

3. Because they stand in harm’s way to keep your child safe and alive in your absence, and sometimes die doing so.

4. Because they wipe your child’s tears almost as much as you do.

5. Because when you were in too much of a hurry to get breakfast or snack, they made sure your child ate.

6. Because they put up with parent bullies as much as child bullies.

7. Because they form a tight professional community to make sure creeps and perverts are quickly weeded out of the teaching profession.

8. Because administrators often develop amnesia when they leave the classroom and forget that classroom teachers are on the front line.

9. Because most teachers are degreed, highly-educated, and have a lot of experience.

10. Because we pay for what we value, and if we value education, we should value educators.

Your thoughts?

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